9 Beauty Tips To Bookmark For Job Interview



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When you finally secure an interview, it’s important to present oneself in a way that sends the right message. First impressions, as we’ve heard a million times, are critical.

1. Have a Face that is Flawless

Everyone’s got blemishes. However, to feel confident, hide the imperfections that might distract you and your interviewer.

2. No Heavy Makeup

Do not put on dark eye-makeup. It may be okay that you Mastered that covetable smokey eye look, but save it for date night. Simple is best here.

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3. Try a Clean Bun

We love a neat bun, but it can look a little too formal. Pull out a few wispy layers to keep your look soft and chic enough for an interview.

4. The Beauty that needs Sleep

It is essential to have around eight hours of rest before a big day. Drink an herbal tea and get your mind prepared a few days before.

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5. Have Great Looking Eyelashes

Some people may love eyelashes like Kim Kardashian, but there are different times and places for that. Don’t get over dramatic lashes.

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