75 Perfectly Timed Photos



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Photography is an art, and it is a boon to the eye to witness perfectly timed photos.  Most of the time, we are left wondering if even the originals were perfect!  Let’s look at a few photos that will leave us wonder-struck.

  1. Sandwiched Baby!

This photo needs no explanation.  The baby is thrown up in the air, but look at what goes above!  There is a bird in the background, and you are left wondering if the bird is protecting it or picking up the baby as its prey.

  1. Perfect Coordination

Can we see three sets of two pairs of hands and legs here?  Huh – let’s be sure they are only exercising!  Jokes apart, this is perfect photography more than perfect coordination, wouldn’t we say? Maybe this is just a step before the girl in the center is hauled up by the other two girls.

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  1. Caught in the Act!

All of us have personal needs, but getting caught on camera is an embarrassment.  However, everything is fair not only in love and war but also in the heat of the game we guess.  What shame this lady must be feeling when she realizes this picture is all over the net and worse still is here to stay.

  1. Going All The Way Down!

We know our sports persons go all the way out to win their games against the opponents.  This was one funny moment like that when this tennis star had to just flop on the ground to counter her opponent’s attack.

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  1. Flexible As A Spring!

Who thought anybody other than a fish could strike a pose like this?  No wonder this picture has figured on the fantastic photos list.  Now a figure like that only accentuates the beauty of this picture right and leaves us staring at this picture a little while more than usual.

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