30 Good Looking Celebrities Who Got Fat



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Weight changes aren’t unusual in the life of celebrities. To get into the skin of the characters that they play, most of the celebs lose and gain weight at will. However, here, we are going to see a list of 30 good-looking celebrities who got fat in real life, thereby being just a faint image of their former selves.

1.) Britney SpearsAs a teenager, she became a huge singing sensation and was touted to rule the music world for many years to come. However, Britney didn’t know to handle her success. After getting married in 2004, her career spiraled downward. Drugs, alcohol, and pregnancy made her pile on pounds of weight, as a result of which she looked huge and ugly a few years back.

2.) Jessica SimpsonHot and sexy actress Jessica Simpson was every man’s queen of dreams, thanks to her hot body and hourglass figure. However, during her pregnancy, she put on 70 pounds, thanks to an irregular diet pattern. Today, after many years of strict diet and exercise regimen, she is back to her slim self.

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3.) Kristie AlleyThe Star Trek actress, Kristie Alley has been battling weight issues for quite some time now. Post her menopause weight gain, she hit the gym and managed to bring her weight down. However, within a few years, she weighed 228 pounds! Today, she does look slim, but we are not sure if this weight loss is permanent.

4.) PinkCommonly known as Pink, Alecia Beth Moore, the famous American singer, dancer, and actress was spotted recently with some extra flab on her body. However, the best thing about her is that she doesn’t care for criticism and has openly admitted that she is a foodie. She doesn’t mind being fat.

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5.) Jonah HillJonah Hill, the actor, the actor who could play different roles with ease, vowed everyone with his performance in many movies. For the movie, War Dogs, Jonah was roped in to play an arms dealer. He gained at least 40 pounds for the same and went completely unrecognizable. Today, he has managed to shed all of that.

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