25 Best Recycling Inspirations Images



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The world now produces more trash than ever. In most Western countries each person generates 1.95kg of waste every day, up from 1.2kg in 1960.

1. Tortoise Trapped in Plastic

Here is one tortoise who had this plastic on its body ever since it was small. The plastic hindered the growth of its shell.

2. Turtle in Plastic Trap

Here is another turtle with a belt around its body since it was little. The plastic kept that part of the body small.

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3. Cow Death

Here are cows that became too weak to stand and are awaiting death since they ate plastic with the food in the garbage.

4. Albatross Killed in Plastic Ingestion

An albatross just fell from the sky and died because of eating too much plastic. Here remains dissipated but the plastic is still there.

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5. Stork Trapped in Plastic

One of the birds got wrapped in plastic. It’s a good thing it put its beak and wings out so it could still fly and eat.

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