25 Black Celebrities Who Look White



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Many of the celebrities tend to white-wash themselves to fit better in the Eurocentric media. In this process, we as the audience sometimes forget that they have some African-American origin story attached to them. So, for the misguided and clueless members of the audience, we have put together a comprehensive list of celebrities who we think are Caucasian but are, in turn, of African-American origins. In a sense, they are at least a small percent black even though they don’t act accordingly or talk about it a lot.

1. Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is not one of those people who you look at and think that he is a person of color. Born with light skin, he is one of those celebrities who don’t look black at all but are in fact black and accept that part of their heritage. Born to an African-American dad and a Caucasian mom, Derek proudly accepts his black lineage and sometimes talks about it publicly.

2. Blake Griffin

One of the most talented young basketball players showing a lot of skills on the court is part African-American. Blake was born to an Afro-Haitian dad and a Caucasian mom who are the reasons for his charming good looks outside the court. Being an all-star in almost every season he has played, this biracial player is certainly reaching a height no one has dared to reach before.

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3. Troian Bellisario

Playing one of the most Caucasian of all roles on national television, Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario is part African-American at heart. We know this may come as a shock to you as it did to us, too, but she is the daughter of Deborah Pratt, who is of African and Creole descent, and Donald Bellisario, who is Italian/Serbian at his heart. We may not have known or forgotten this by her very compelling portrayal of one of the most stereotypical white characters, a WASP, and leader of the group, Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars.

4. Wentworth Miller

Prison Break star and heartthrob, Wentworth Miller, is known for his portrayal of a character not black in any way possible on Prison Break. This, however, may seem to divert us into believing he might be Caucasian but isn’t. Born into a family of cultures as diverse as a packet of M&Ms, he is equal parts African-American, English, Jewish, and Cherokee. Borrowing from all these different cultures has led him to success as he has not only sold his screenplay but portrays a very significant character on the new hit CW show, The Flash.

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5. Carol Channing

Keeping her black heritage a secret until 2002 when her autobiography came out, Carol Channing enjoyed a very fruitful Broadway career as an actress in a period where being African-American could have ruined your life. Being a very pale actress, she enjoyed the same position as Caucasian actresses did then.

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