20 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings



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Weddings are symbolized with pomp and splendor. People spend a lot of their D-Day so that it becomes the most memorable day in their lives. Celebrities, especially, go to great extents to make the functions as personalized as possible to make their wedding a gala affair. They don’t mind spending a vast fortune on their marriages. Here, let us see 20 of the most expensive celebrity weddings so far. The order in which the names appear in this list is random.

1.) Prince William and Kate Middleton

It is no surprise that we have included a royal wedding as the first expensive celebrity wedding. The royal couple got married in 2011, and the total costs of the event were estimated to be a whopping $34million! A major part of this sum was spent towards security, considering the high profile guests who attended the event.

2.) Michael Jordon and Yvette Prieto

When basketball legend got married for the second time, the world expected him to have a simple wedding. The flamboyant icon that he is, he chose to make it a grand affair, instead! The couple’s wedding included some A-list guests, and close to $10million was spent on the same.

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3.) Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

When famous singer Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel decided to tie the knot, they wanted to make it an event to remember for themselves and their guests. They got married at an exotic venue in Italy, and the festivities lasted for a week. The total wedding costs came up to a huge $6.5million.

4.) Chelsea Clinton and Mark MezvinskyChelsea (daughter of former US President Bill Clinton & Hilary Clinton) and investment banker, Mark Mezvinsky’s wedding was one grand event, indeed! The couple looked like royals at their wedding that was held at a posh estate in New York. With a cake that cost $11000, it was no surprise that the total wedding costs came up to $4.8million.

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5.) Liza Minnelli and David Gest

When renowned singer and Academy-Award winning actress Liza Minnelli got married to reputed comedian and entertainer David Gest, the world expected nothing short of a miracle on their D-Day. Michael Jackson was the best man at the wedding, and the entire event witnessed a lot of musical performances. The total costs of the marriage were around $4.2million, and each of the 1000 guests got expensive party favors as gifts!

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