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20 Earliest Signs of Alzheimer’s



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Alzheimer’s is a disease that can affect any one irrespective of gender and age.  If discovered sooner, it is easier to treat and hence becomes important to be tracked earlier.  Here are a few symptoms of the disease.

  1. Lack of Memory


People who have Alzheimer’s often forget basic stuff like even having their food on time or drinking.  They also tend to forget their food preferences and end up thinking that they like something else.  This just proves that they become a new person altogether and people around them are not able to understand them.

  1. Trouble in Concentration

These patients have serious trouble thinking through situations and planning things out.  They can’t plan because they find it difficult to think intensely.  People, who once were perfect planners, now find it challenging.  Answers to simple questions like who were or where we are, elude them.  The inability to focus on such simple things puts them in a trauma and they need an understanding partner to tide through these times.

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  1. Being Paranoid

Fear factors creep into the hearts of patients who have Alzheimer’s.  This fear has no true definition or reason.  They tend to be scared of things or situations that are non- existent as well.  It takes great efforts for them to come out of this fear factor.

  1. Aggressive Nature

Since the communication skills are impaired, those who are affected with Alzheimer’s tend to border on the aggressive side.  They also have serious trouble coexisting and hence will get tensed or frustrated easily and get verbally or physically assaultive.

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  1. Forgetting Faces and Names

For those who have Alzheimer’s the rule of last in first out starts to apply concerning people and names.  The folks who they have recently met never registers in their memory and fades out.  However, those registered earlier fade slower than these, but they end up forgetting most people eventually.

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