17 Unbelievably Clever Gardening Cheats



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Gardening season is coming. Here are some of the great ways to improve your garden that you have never heard of before.

1. Use Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a great fertilizer for your plants. They improve seed germination, increase nutrient absorption, counter transplant shock, green up the foliage and deter garden pests.

2. Grind Eggshells

Turning eggshells into a powder as a fertilizer for the plants can give it a calcium boost. It can avoid deformed blooms.

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3. Plastic Jugs

You can put plastic jugs at the bottom of large planters. Doing this will save on potting soil and make the pot lighter to move around.

4. Use Eggshells

You can use eggshells in assisting the growth of plants. Put the seeds in the eggshell with soil and let the plant grow.

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5. Use Stones

Rocks can be used to create amazing designs on the garden. Make a swirl with the rocks and then plant the foliage.

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