15 Ways Men Can Do to Look and Feel Young



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We may have moments when we feel old and worn out that we can barely recognize the person staring at us in the mirror.

1. Update the Medicine Cabinet

Using eye cream may sound too girly, but more and more men are buying it. Sales of eye creams for men have gone up by 16 percent.

2. Meditate

Meditation improves mental clarity, brain function, and memory. Meditating for a few minutes can rewire the head and have a wider perspective in making decisions.

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3. Add Color

Shop for polos that can bring out the color of your eyes. Add color and do not stick to the grays, blacks, and blues.

4. Go Outside

Working out can help you save money and free you from boredom. Start with basic exercises that make you use all muscle groups.

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5. Don’t Smoke

Smoking cigarettes minimize the sperm count and make their shape and function abnormal. Smoking can damage forty percent of a man’s sperm.

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